Brown & Co., CPA's
  • Confidentiality
  • Next day service
  • Signature ready checks and timely government reports
  • Direct Deposit to employee bank account
  • Reliability
  • Call in, fax, email in hours and changes for each pay period
  • Personalized service
  • Vacation, sick leave report
  • Payroll input transmittal
  • General ledger posting recap
  • Company departmental payroll recap
  • Employee master listing
  • Employee detail earnings record
  • Quarterly, federal and state 941 returns
  • Annual 940's, W-2's
  • Input transmittal report
  • Employee master status report with YTD totals
  • Laser checks for FICA, Medicare, Fed W/H, FUTA depositories
  • Company general ledger posting recap
  • Federal 941 quarterly return
  • State unemployment return
  • Laser check for local, city tax withholding payments
  • Laser check for federal unemployment tax deposit
  • State 941 quarterly return
  • Copies of all reports for your records
  • Federal 940 unemployment returns
  • Magnetic media reporting to IRS: W-2's and 1099's
  • Copies of all reports for your records
Payroll reports:
Prepared each pay period:
Ready each quarter:
Payroll features:
Prepared once a year: